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Under the watchful eye of judge and adversary
Our quality-conscious attitude has certainly grown from the origins of the Paul Janssens translation agency in and around the Palace of Justice in Brussels, with initially purely legal translations of the highest level and the greatest difficulty gradually to become a multi-facetted and complete agency via technical, medical and financial expertise in legal cases: the watchful eye of the judge, the adversary on the prowl for errors, the large sums of money which are often at stake, the omnipresence of the press – all these things have spurred us on always to strive for perfection with the greatest meticulousness.

Just as wine matures with time and practice makes perfect, so the Paul Janssens translation agency has, during its long life of what is now more than 20 years, been able to adapt its working methods ever better to the needs of demanding clients and to expand its range of freelancers with ever-better qualified professional translators at home and abroad – and in so doing, under the strict supervision of internal revision, to strive for perfection.

With the passage of time, we have built up an enormous quantity of documentation by setting up a classification per client, as well as per genre. This has grown to become an unrivalled reference work which constitutes a necessary supplement to the traditional, specialist dictionaries and the refined search functions on the Internet, in addition either to glossaries supplied by clients or data files we have made ourselves.

Professional Liability Insurance
At the request of a number of engineering agencies who are clients of ours, we took out a “Professional Liability” insurance policy covering us for up to €250,000 against damage caused by erroneous translation.

Fortunately, we have never had to make use of it during our long existence – but the guarantee gives us complete peace of mind


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